Dr. McMorris designed the Elite rehab model to facilitate improvements based on the body’s natural healing process.

Patients enter our clinic because they are in pain and anyone in pain has inflammation.  Phase I is to reduce pain and inflammation with Passive Modalities (see below).  Phase II we begin Active Care to restore static range of motion via stretching.  Once our patients are able to move, with less pain, we enter Phase II to restore strength and proprioception (balance).

Our phases of rehab follow the body’s natural healing process.

  1. Traditional Passive Modalities
    1. Chiropractic Adjustment
    2. Electrical Stimulation
    3. Ultrasound
    4. Massage
  2. Modern Passive Modalities
    1. Dry Needling
      1. Trigger acute inflammatory reaction to an area to help the brain refocus on healing the area.
    2. Laser
      1. Increase tissue oxygenation to improve, and speed up, the healing process
    3. Brain Tap
      1. Restore Para Sympathetic dominance to the the brains Autonomic Nervous System control

Brain Tap and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Our ANS is made of the Sympathetic (fight, flight, steal) and Para Sympathetic (rest, digest, heal) systems.  In today’s world we train our brain to stay in a Sympathetic state.  This state can flare Auto Immune conditions, cause digestive issues, delay healing, and more.  Brain Tap is a system that helps to restore our brain’s natural balance so we can relax, reboot, revitalize, and recharge.  For more information go to www.BrainTap.com and see how it can transform and restore balance to your life / brain.