Dr. Ron McMorris opened CAM Wellness center to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to recovery from injuries. CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. CAM Wellness doesn't suggest eliminating traditional medical care, but instead, working with and collaborating with other health care professionals. To date, CAM Wellness focuses on traumatic brain injuries, as well as, Federal worker's compensation patients.

Dr. Ron offers the only location to treat all domains of a brain injury. Before CAM Wellness, the options for treatment were limited. Many options didn't cover all domains of brain injuries and often took up to a year to be approved for care. At CAM Wellness Dr. Ron offers new technology from FDA approved equipment, as well as a hands-on approach. All brain injuries are different. A single piece of equipment cannot treat all brain injuries, because all brain injuries are unique. At CAM Wellness, patients can receive Vestibular Rehab, Cognitive Rehab, Mental Health, and more. Regardless of the lobe, or lobes, of the brain affected, Dr. Ron and CAM Wellness are prepared to find your solution. Health care professional include Chiropractic, Medical Doctor, Speech Therapist, Athletic Trainers, and Mental Health Counselors.

Many FDA approved evaluation and treatment tools are available including but not limited to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, qEEG, Neurofeedback, Force plate vestibular assessment, ocular / vision guided by laser technology, metronome stability and more.

Dr. Ron treats several Federal Workers Compensation patients. Navigating the rules of care can be difficult. Dr. Ron's CAM Wellness team includes team members across the United States who specialize in getting cases approved. Whether you have a new injury, or have been suffering for years, call for your evaluation with our Medical Doctor