1. Reduce Pain & Inflammation
2. Restore motion
3. Restore strength & balance
4. Restore Endurance
5. Restore Functional Integrity

Through trauma, or the course of one’s life, vertebra shift or move. The muscles attached to these vertebra become weak, non pliable, and tighten. In years past Chiropractic patients would receive an adjustment only then return for several more over the course of time. Adjustments alone fix the problem but do not fix the cause of the problem.

At Elite Chiropractic, we determine why a vertebra has shifted and fix the problem. For many weak spinal muscles do not hold the adjustments so the patients must return often to be “aligned”.

1. Patients come to us because they are in pain. Our first goal is to reduce pain. We use the Chiropractic adjustment, electrical stimulation, dry needling, laser, ultrasound, traction, decompression, massage, and other various techniques to help reduce the pain. After a few visits we begin to stretch to help reduce pain. Many people experience pain due to tight muscles pulling on the spine or another joint.

2. Stretching helps to reduce pain by reducing the amount of strain a tight muscle places on the bone or joint it attaches to. This begins to provide us with the ability to increase range of motion.

3. Restoring motion is key to long term pain relief. In the body, motion produces lubrication to our joints. In the spine it lubricates through a process called imbibition. If you have ever woken in the morning with stiff joints then loosened up as the morning progressed you know what is being explained. As we age, or with trauma, the body’s ability to lubricate reduces.

4. Once a joint’s range of motion begins to return the muscles need to be strengthened. Our spinal muscles keep us erect throughout the day and allow us to perform daily routines.

5. Patients feel pain towards the end of the day due to a lack of muscular endurance. Once we begin to restore muscular endurance patients begin to feel less pain towards the end of a shift.

6. Many patients don’t perform motions in a linear pattern. In other words, we twist and turn all day. Once a patient’s muscular endurance has been returned we work with patients to restore motions, strength, and endurance for functions they would perform throughout the day.

Patients will begin a similar program but no two patients will have the same experience. Even though two patients may enter with similar symptoms their course of treatment may run parallel but not mirror each other exactly. Our clinic is not set up for cookie cutter approaches. Each patient is given specific attention and we address the specific needs of each patient. Each patient will heal differently so treatment lengths may vary.

Some patients prefer for us to only treat the pain and not fix the problem. Whether you want to treat the pain or fix the problem and whether you want a crunch or non crunch technique our clinic is for you.