Dr. Ron is trained in various “non-crunch” techniques. These techniques allow the Doctor to initiate and implement a treatment plan while eliminating the twisting and popping noises many people do not want to experience. The main technique practiced is the flexion & distraction technique. Patients lay face down on a table, their feet are secured to the end of the table, and their hands hold on to the bars near their head. The doctor begins the treatment with the foot end of the table lowering then returning to the starting position. The table continues to lower and return for several revolutions. With each revolution the Doctor palpates the spine searching for areas not moving as smoothly as the others. Through various techniques the Doctor can free the joints that are not moving and restore motion to that area of the spine.

If you would like to see a demonstration of this technique you can click on the following link for a video demonstration: http://hilllabs.com/chiropractic/Hill-Air-Flex-Table.php.