Bulging Biceps


Work Biceps after Triceps if on the same day

Mostly type II (fast twitch) fibers

Forearm fibers are mostly type I (slow twitch) but the brachioradialis is more closely related to the biceps muscle with type II fibers

  1. Boney Anatomy
    1. Humerus = upper arm
    2. Radius and ulna = forearm. 
  2. Muscle Anatomy
    1. Biceps Brachii = moves wrist closer to shoulder

i.Origin: Long Head (Outer Portion) = Supra Glenoid Tubercle

ii.Origin: Short Head (Inner Portion) = Coracoid process of Scapula

iii.Insertion: Radial tuberosity and bicipital aponeurosis

  1. Brachialis = moves wrist closer to the shoulder

i.Origin = Anterior middle humerus

ii.Insertion = Ulnar tuberosity and coronoid process of ulna

  1. Brachioradialis

i.Origin = Humerus

ii.Insertion = End of the Radial Bone

  1. Pronator Teres = Turns Palm Down

i.Distal end of the medial humerus and medial aspect of the proximal ulna

ii.Middle third of lateral radius

  1. Positional Changes
    1. Long Head of Biceps

i.Supinated (Palm Up) Close Grip

ii.Extend shoulder using incline benches

  1. Short Head of Biceps

i.Supinated Wide Grip

ii.Flex the shoulder using preacher curl, concentration curl, etc

  1. Brachialis

i.Neutral Grip: Hammer Curl

  1. Brachioradialis

i.Pronated Grip

ii.The attachment of the biceps is somewhat blocked by the radius making the line of pull inefficient for the biceps

iii.Highly recruited with most overhand grip back exercises

  1. Routine
    1. Incline dumbbell curls, Close Grip Barbell Curl, Close Grip Preacher Curl, Wide Grip Preacher Curl, Hammer Curl, Reverse Grip Curls